Short Stories

Don’t Fuck With Aria – There’s always a moment in life, one that changes everything.  Life will forever be divided into before and after.  What you choose to do with that moment defines you.

Playing for Kittens – Sometimes people surprise you, other times you wonder why you exist. Sometimes life gives you a break, other times it rips the one thing you cared about away.

The Beast In His Eyes – Soft sweeping hair, too much alcohol again, she attaches herself to him like some sort of limpet. He’s strong, funny, reassuring, and well…different.   She wants him to take advantage. He wants to. She knows.

Sin City – He looked away hurt and betrayed as she walked away from him. There is nothing sadder in this world than to watch a person you once loved walk slowly out of your life, watching the distance between you grow until it feels like nothing was there to begin with.

Serendipity – My Love, give me a colour to paint the night and I’ll show you a dream.

Lilly Flower Wilting – Now he waits… to go home to her…

Beautiful is Empty – She can’t stand to look at herself anymore.