3-Ingredient Piña Colada – Fabulously tasty mocktail that makes you feel a little bit fancy 😉

Chaga Hot Chocolate – Chaga is a gnarly-looking medicinal mushroom that is also known as an adaptogen. This means that it helps our bodies “adapt” to our inward and outward biological, chemical, and physical environments. They provide a balancing effect on the body, particularly by keeping our stress hormones in check and preventing us from releasing more than we need to in times of crisis. When combined with raw cacao and coconut milk, we get the tasty benefits of antioxidants and support for our immune system.

Dandy Latte – Dandelions are great for our digestive system; they stimulate the production of bile, help get the stomach juices flowing, and support our liver all at once, not to mention they taste like coffee 😉

Green Tea, Flax & Spinach Smoothie – This smoothie is not only full of green tea’s antioxidants but also anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats from flax and hemp seeds and nutrients from fresh spinach.

Green Tea & Pineapple Smoothie – Seriously can’t argue with this one, it just tastes amazing 🙂

Immunity-Boosting Juice – This juice is the best when you’re recovering from a cold as it helps get your immune system back in the swing of everyday life 🙂

Liquid Gold Elixir – Heated with a little milk and lots of warming spices, turmeric is wonderful for warding off colds and keeping your immune system in tiptop shape. This is a great one to have before bed, too!

Purple Amethyst Tea Latte – I’m stupidly excited to share this recipe with people because it is just the most fancy and amazing thing and it tastes crazy good 😀

Rose Hot Toddy – Soothing and relaxing 🙂

Spiced Almond Beet Latte – A unique and tasty drink that’s pink!

Spicy Citrus Sipper – Tasty and refreshing, what more could you want in a drink?

Turmeric Hot Toddy – A hot toddy may be an old wives’ tale in terms of its healing abilities, but with its warm water, lemon, honey, and a dram of whiskey, it can actually be incredibly comforting.

Turmeric Lavender Bee’s Knees – Super Tasty 🙂

Turmeric Smoothie – Turmeric fights inflammation in a big way, and it’s being studied for it’s effect on various cancers.

Unicorn Latte – Ahhh this recipe is soooo much fun! I love it, who doesn’t love unicorns?! 😀

Vanilla Date Cashew Milk – It’s creamy, rich, and just a touch sweet. It’s wonderful warm (it steams quite well, though it doesn’t get frothy), refreshing and delicious cold; it’s an all-around keeper.