Fallout: New Vegas

Of Peasants and Piercings – Dean doesn’t see the point of that monstrosity but the Courier intends show him just how useful it is. Pairing: Dean Domino/Female Courier (F!Courier)

Usted Perro Afortunado – They had waited a long time to be together, everything wanted to slow them down, including the damned elevator. Pairing: Dean Domino/Female Courier (F!Courier)

Famous Last Words – Dean told him not to, really he did. Pairing: Dean Domino/Male Courier (M!Courier)

The Sarcasm Society – The strip ran as smoothly as could be expected in a town like New Vegas. Everyone was reasonably happy, so naturally some asshole had to come in and fuck it all up.  Ok, so maybe Dex was exaggerating just a little…but the day Desmond Lockheart set foot on the strip was the day all hell broke loose. Pairing: Dean Domino/Desmond Lockheart.