Fallout 3

Stained – Charon wants Miss 101…bad…unfortunately Candi is oblivious until everybody’s favourite ghoul loses his cool. Pairing: Charon/Female Lone Wanderer (F!LW).

Symbiosis – Nora never expected to find a ghoul in a cupboard, nor did she think he’d be such a pain in her ass. Life was never easy, but sometimes it’s worth it. Pairing: Charon/Female Sole Survivor (F!Sole)

Ain’t That a Kick in the Head – Crushes make you do stupid things. This is either the worst idea she’s ever had…or the best… Pairing: Ghoul!Gallows/Female Lone Wanderer (F!LW).

The Sarcasm Society – The strip ran as smoothly as could be expected in a town like New Vegas. Everyone was reasonably happy, so naturally some asshole had to come in and fuck it all up.  Ok, so maybe Dex was exaggerating just a little…but the day Desmond Lockheart set foot on the strip was the day all hell broke loose. Pairing: Dean Domino/Desmond Lockheart.