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A/N: Descriptive report for; LIM345 – Convergence and Cultural Institutions.  Received a High Distinction.


Cultural and historical sites are an important part of every community.  They tell a story, showcase resident talent, native heritage, and can become a cornerstone in local society.  This descriptive report aims to analyse both the physical and digital presence of cultural and heritage sites within the Moreton Bay Region as well as discover evidence of current collaborative projects between organisations.  The report will also make recommendations on how to improve local collaborations as well as issues and challenges that may possibly present themselves.



A/N: Literacy review written for; LIM345 – Convergence and Cultural Institutions.  Received a Pass.

Cultural and information services have become termed within the sector as GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) institutions.  Within current literature surrounding this area of expertise, certain popular themes arise, most notably, digitisation, collaboration, and convergence (Davis & Howard, 2013).  These themes are suggested to be guiding principles of GLAM as a disciplinary field (Davis & Howard, 2013).  This review aims to identify themes and issues within the GLAM industry, relating specifically to convergence and the factors responsible for such a project.  The factors identified from the five selected articles are; the needs of today’s users, digitisation and globalisation, and institutional funding.


A/N: This is a multimedia project for subject; LIM340 – Conservation and Preservation. Received a Credit.

The presentation is aimed at primary school children, and would theoretically be part of a campaign that focuses on how to take better care of library books.

A/N: Conference paper written for; NET204 – Internet Communications and Social Networks.  Received a Credit.

Fanfiction has been around as long as there have been things to be a ‘fan’ about.  It has a large following and fans write about anything and everything.  Fanfiction is written about books, movies, TV series’, games, comics, bands, and even podcasts.  Creative writers use fanfiction to express their love for a particular genre, for giving their unique perspective on a story, changing the story to suit what they feel should have happened, pairing up characters they love, even writing new adventures using characters that have already been established.  The possibilities within the realm of fanfiction are endless, which is why it plays such a powerful role in shaping online identity and sexuality for those who participate. The focus of this paper centres around the exploration of sexual identity through fanfiction and how participating in anonymous communities can further this exploration for its users. As the idea of studying fanfiction as a whole would not be feasible in a paper of this size, the scope has been narrowed to a particular site concerning one fandom[1]. It will focus on the popular game series by Bethesda, Fallout and the LiveJournal kinkmeme website that hosts an anonymous fanfiction thread[2].


A/N: This was a multimedia project for subject; WEB207 – Web Media. Received a Credit.

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A/N: This was a magazine article written for Writing Magazine Features – PWP221. Grade: Pass.

A Monday morning on the 7.03 train to Brisbane Central Station is never a pleasant experience. The train is jam packed with people and there is no such thing as personal space. It is claustrophobic, hot and sweaty, and I hate it. I scrunch up my nose as the inertia of the train pulling up at Strathpine Station sends me rocketing into a less-than-fresh armpit. Looking around the train as I push my hair out of my face, I spot a young girl dressed in black, nose deeply in a H.P Lovecraft Novel. It is the middle of summer and she is wearing skinny jeans and a leather trench coat. I cannot imagine how hot she must be in here. A heavily pregnant woman pushes past me to stand in the aisle.  I feel for her. She looks exhausted and it is only ten past seven. In a typical display of ill manners, no one moves to offer their seat. The train lurches again and I am elbowed in the back of the head. My eye begins to twitch. (more…)

A/N: This was a magazine short written for Writing Magazine Features – PWP221. Grade: Pass.

“Bring us the girl and we’ll wipe away the debt” 

Imagine this:

You wake up in a dingy apartment; there is a desk, a chair and a sink. Two doors; the windows are boarded and the floor is dirty. You try one door it does not open, you try the other and everything goes black.

Suddenly you open your eyes; you’re in a small boat in the middle of the turbulent black sea and the rain is pouring down.  Lightning strikes to your left and two twins bicker as they row you through the blackness, you are confused.  The female hands you a box you open it, inside is an old fashioned gun and some paper.  You stare at it as the rain drips off your hair and into the box. (more…)