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Oregano Flower-Infused Vinegar

Posted: February 11, 2017 in Other Cool Stuff
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Oregano Flower-Infused Vinegar To Boost Your Immune System Hero Image

You can use this vinegar in all of your favorite vinaigrette recipes.


  • 1 cup fresh oregano flowers and leaves, removed from stem
  • 2 cups champagne vinegar



The 2-Ingredient Blackhead Mask That Gets You Baby-Smooth Skin Hero Image


  • 2 tablespoons baking soda
  • 1 tablespoon honey


A/N: This is a multimedia project for subject; LIM340 – Conservation and Preservation. Received a Credit.

The presentation is aimed at primary school children, and would theoretically be part of a campaign that focuses on how to take better care of library books.

A/N: This was a multimedia project for subject; WEB207 – Web Media. Received a Credit.

Creative Commons License
Be a Fan! Be Media! by Sheridan Brownlie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

A/N: This was a magazine article written for Writing Magazine Features – PWP221. Grade: Pass.

A Monday morning on the 7.03 train to Brisbane Central Station is never a pleasant experience. The train is jam packed with people and there is no such thing as personal space. It is claustrophobic, hot and sweaty, and I hate it. I scrunch up my nose as the inertia of the train pulling up at Strathpine Station sends me rocketing into a less-than-fresh armpit. Looking around the train as I push my hair out of my face, I spot a young girl dressed in black, nose deeply in a H.P Lovecraft Novel. It is the middle of summer and she is wearing skinny jeans and a leather trench coat. I cannot imagine how hot she must be in here. A heavily pregnant woman pushes past me to stand in the aisle.  I feel for her. She looks exhausted and it is only ten past seven. In a typical display of ill manners, no one moves to offer their seat. The train lurches again and I am elbowed in the back of the head. My eye begins to twitch. (more…)

A/N: This was a magazine short written for Writing Magazine Features – PWP221. Grade: Pass.

“Bring us the girl and we’ll wipe away the debt” 

Imagine this:

You wake up in a dingy apartment; there is a desk, a chair and a sink. Two doors; the windows are boarded and the floor is dirty. You try one door it does not open, you try the other and everything goes black.

Suddenly you open your eyes; you’re in a small boat in the middle of the turbulent black sea and the rain is pouring down.  Lightning strikes to your left and two twins bicker as they row you through the blackness, you are confused.  The female hands you a box you open it, inside is an old fashioned gun and some paper.  You stare at it as the rain drips off your hair and into the box. (more…)

The Rules

Posted: June 7, 2006 in Other Cool Stuff

1. The absolute agreement that ‘these ones’ will never get in the way of us.

2. Negativity will NOT be accepted, punishment for breaking this rule will be decided upon.

3. Rejection or denial of compliments in any form is strictly forbidden, punishment shall also be decided upon.

4. Things (explained later) will never be allowed to become overly serious.  THINGS: life is much too short to be taken seriously.  Seriousness is allowed about another person within reason.

5. Conclusions must not be jumped to e.g. let the other person finish the damn sentence before deciding upon an opinion and form of action.

6. You will never again be allowed near the rules.

7. The rules are more like guidelines.

8. If both parties agree, changes are allowed to be made to “The Rules” providing one or more of the parties are not under the influence of any form of mind or judgement altering substance.

9. RULES and people that take away from the general excitement of things will not be tolerated and if found, shall be immediately fired out of the closest cannon.

10. Love does and still will concur all regardless of what critics may say.

11. Sanity is over rated, will not be asked for or debated and is a total waster of a perfectly good insane world.

12. There is no point in a point it just drags away from communication.

13. Insults are allowed though – only in appropriate tones of voice and said with a friendly connotation.

14. Anything that is not understood or ever to be understandable shall be, in turn, be declared and noted as an insane crack-headed statement.

15. We won’t talk about that.

16. Time is of the essence.

17. Eccentric ramblings, eccentric artisticness and the eating of wheat-bixs is acceptable at all times.  If any given person, male or female, gets in the way of these practices they will be shot and/or violated by either or both parties.

18. Rule 7 can only be applied if Rule 2 is not serious.

19. Water is not under any circumstances classified as a food and therefore cannot and will not be negotiable.

20. Nothing and everything shall be blamed on the Hats.

21. Imagination is the only weapon again the war on reality.