The Ten Commandments

Posted: February 7, 2015 in FanFiction
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A/N: So experiencing writer’s block today! Not a fun experience I decided to do one of my writing exercises (see my Delicious account for more great writing tips)  annnnnd….. enjoy 😉

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters, Joss is a God this I know.  I play with the characters because, I like it here, they’re nice to me and I bake them cookies… No suing necessary this is an act of love not war 🙂

The Rules:
1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble/ficlet related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it’s over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

1. Let’s get fucked up and die – Motion City Soundtrack.

“Feeling sloshed?”

“The sloshiest!” Xander giggled the last bottle falling from his fingers. He’d just been fired and he was spending is evening getting “rightly sloshed” as Spike would say and with Spike no less.

“Got more of this stuff?

“I think you’ve had enough, mate.” Spike smirked.

Xander’s heart melted just that little bit. God he’s hot.

WHAT?! It’s just the booze Xan-man. He lied to himself.  He was just lying to himself like all those other times.

Spike melted his heart…plain and simple…

2. Where I belong – Motion City Soundtrack. (A/N: I swear to God it’s on random!)

Xander sighed. It was a happy sigh, he was happy wasn’t he? He just wasn’t sure anymore. Anya was beautiful, smart and if not slightly annoying she was very endearing…mostly, but his heart just wasn’t in it anymore. His heart belonged to someone else, a certain blonde, very hot and very standing in his living room as he opened the door. Xander frowned and opened his mouth to ask Spike what the hell he was doing in his living room, not that he wasn’t happy to see the vampire, not that he’d ever admit that. Spike held up his hand.

“Xander, I love you.” He said plainly before planting a passionate kiss on Xander’s surprised lips.

3.  Art House Studio – Bliss n Eso. (A/N: I lingered a little *shame face*)

Piano drifted out of the stereo Xander hummed along with the tune, he was looking forward to the weekend, and he was finally going to tell a certain blonde how he felt. Not Buffy, God no that was over years ago. The truth was he loved Spike, a soldier of the good despite being a vampire, Spike was a good man, and didn’t deserve all the bullshit he got. He managed to get Spike to move into his apartment after Anya left it was just too quiet a void that needed to be filled by something, anything to keep him from going insane. He knew when it happened, the night he fell in love with him. He had come home and Spike had made him dinner, a real honest to God dinner. He’d just shrugged it off and said that Xander just needed to eat more than twinkies and pizza once in a while. He smiled at the memory as he opened the living room door. Buffy stood up, tears streaming down her face. Then she said the words that had broken Xander’s heart.

“Xander… It’s Spike… He’s – I’m so sorry…”

4. I’m A Fake – The Used. (A/N: I’m sorry I got totally distracted in this one I love this song)

I’m not afraid to bleed, and fuck and fight…

Spike danced, he danced around his opponent. You’re fucked mate. He thought as he darted forwards and punched the demon right between the eyes. You touched what’s mine and now I’m going to make you hurt. Xander lay about 3 feet away with a sorry sore head and a grin on his face. Spike saved a small smirk for Xander as he ripped the head off the demon, spraying anyone within a 20 foot radius with some gross green looking gloop. Spike raised his head to the stars and whooped and hollered. Xander just smiled.

Life was good…

5. This Ruined Puzzle – Dashboard Confessional. (A/N: souled!Spike).

He looks at the smiling photo of Xander, and cries. Not cries, sobs like a baby. Master Vampires don’t cry. He’s crying for a love, a love he could never have. Could never have Xander. Too perfect, you’re disgusting, horrible, vile, horribledisgustingvileevilevilevil. Spike clamps his hands to his ears.

“Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!” He sobs helplessly.

In his room, listening to Spike sob, Xander finally lets himself cry…

For his love…

6. Anarchy in the UK – The Sex Pistols.

The Welcome to Sunnydale sign takes another hit from the DeSoto.

“Spike!” Xander shouts over the blearing punk music. “What the hell’d you do that for?!”

Spike chuckles and turns down the Sex Pistols. Bloody good band that!

“It’s tradition, luv.” He gives Xander arrogant smirk number 202. Xander rolls his eyes and can’t help but smile at his lover. Lover and Spike used in the same sentence, can anyone say A for Apocalypse? But there was no apocalypse, just him and Spike, his vampire lover, heading away from the Sunnyhell and off to see the world. Just the two of them…well the two of them and Johnny Rotten…

7. Memory – Sugarcult.

Xander nervously takes Spikes hand.

Spike offers him a small smile and says, “It will be fine, luv.”

Xander snorts loudly, “Well my new boyfriend being dusted isn’t exactly my idea of fine but thanks for the support.”

Tonight was the night they were going to tell the Scoobies that they were an item. Weird huh? Yeah well this is Sunnydale, it happens, the weird always happens, it’s just in some cases the apocalypse joins the party, just for shits and giggles. As they stood outside the Magic Box, Spike stole a quick kiss that turned passionate in seconds. The two were oblivious as the door opened

“I want Pizza with…” Dawn trailed off, seeing what everyone else was staring at…

Two boys…in love…

“Wow, that’s hot!” Everyone eyes turned to Dawn, and simultaneously yelled.



8. Mr Saxobeat – Alexandra Stan

The base drummed through his system and Xander danced without a care in the world. He loved The Bronze on Friday night is was so on and after a shitty week at school it was just what he needed. He opened his eyes as he twirled around, in a manly way of course, and straight into a pair of steel arms covered in leather. He looked up into surprised baby blue eyes. He felt the base calling to him again, and without taking his eyes off the leather clad stranger he started to move his hips again, grinding hard against the sprayed on black jeans. God bless my fake ID, giving him the balls to do this. The stranger responded by throwing his platinum blonde head back and pulling Xander to him.

It wasn’t turning out to be a bad night after all…

9. Cut Up Angels – The Used.

Xander rolled his eyes and slammed through the bathroom door and into the basement.

“Spike what the fuck is this?” Xander held up the wet towel. Spike looked at him like he’d grown a second head.

“It’s a towel, Harris.” He replied slowly as if talking to someone who was a SPED. “It’s rather wet too, might wanna put that in the hamper, mate.” Turning his head back to Passions. Xander saw red threw the towel down and slammed the TV off.

“Oi! What the fu-“ Spike started as Xander pushed Spike back into the couch straddled him and kissed him passionately.
10. Lovers and Liars – Matchbook Romance.

How did this happen? Xander is freaking out, this was supposed to be a nice weekend and then Spike is thrust upon him in all his grand complaining impotence. This is Bullshit!!!! Lots and lots of BS!!!! He glared at the gagged Spike in the corner who was looking mighty pissed off at Xander right about now. Xander couldn’t care less about the vampire’s feelings. Liar!!! Liar!!! Pants on Fire!!! Shut up Brain! Xander did care, much more than he should, but if Spike was tied up in the corner Xander could forget that he was even here and that he wasn’t in love with a vampire…


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