Sin City

Posted: February 7, 2015 in Short Stories
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A/N: An observation from my early teens, interactions between friends.  When they weren’t looking I picked the puppet strings for a bit.

“The human face shapes who we are it molds to our personality and shows us for what we truly are. I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not.” – Kurt Cobain.


The shape of his face, twisted in concentration as he bends over the puzzle. His eyes flicker over the delicately hand-made pieces. Even focused, his eyes are soft; like deep brown pools of melted chocolate.

She knows she can’t have him, not anymore. She has the other one now, but it was always him. The shape of his soft hands skimming over the puzzle, she longs for those hands on her. Those eyes to look at her the way they used to.

He feels her then; staring; he turns to see her. His face shapes into his classic cute, creepy grin and he waves slightly. She takes this opportunity to wander over, feeling the tension in the air, just like that first night. Leaning over his shoulder her hair brushes his face and neck he jumps. He was always ticklish; she smells that smell, his smell, still fresh in her senses, his hair thick with gel, standing to attention from the roots in his head.

He is unsure now, as to what he should do, he knows it’s wrong. He has been down this road before, but it was so good. That first night they spent together, in that small backpacker’s room. She was sensual and sexy, and he, a nervous wreck, but she had been kind. His innocence made her feel special, she was teaching him, teaching him what she knew.

The shape of her body was like a cat twirling itself around him, chasing butterflies. She bent over him taking the clearly forgotten puzzle piece from his hand, placing in the correct position. She knew she wore this outfit for a reason. She lent over him her chest brushed his shoulder.

Standing up, she was at a crossroad. One part of her wanted to delve into the seductive evil, but the other spoke of truth, honesty. This was what defined her as a person, shaped her, as a human being, good or evil. What was it to be?

Walk away from the beauty of the colorful puzzle pieces and the lust of a man once loved and go back to the half interesting dull existence that everyone expected her to live. Or…or delve into this world of color and life, live on the edge, be happy, be in lust.

He looked away hurt and betrayed as she walked away from him. There is nothing sadder in this world than to watch a person you once loved walk slowly out of your life, watching the distance between you grow until it feels like nothing was there to begin with.

“This is what shapes you as a person.” Her mother’s words rang in her ears she shook her head quietly.

“Your decisions shape you as a person.” She smiled then.

As fast as she went she came back. Out of the blue, violently flipping the table that held the puzzle over. Pieces flying, colors mixed all over she grabbed him by the neck and pulled his mouth to hers. She grinned evilly with lust, looking passionately into his shocked melted chocolate eyes, the shapes of her person complete.

“Any one person is like a puzzle piece filled with light and mystery. Good and evil reside in everyone it’s who you choose to be that shapes you as a human being.” – Evanescence.


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